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Learn how to do more with LP360; book your online session today.

Our team of experts is available for one on one class session(s) for your organization. Training can be done specific to your project, using your dataset(s), to answer your specific need.

LP360 custom training provides everything you need to learn about our products and services, from foundational topics such as Introduction to LIDAR to advanced topics including planar filter, point cloud extractor, or volumetric analysis.

Below is a list of typical topics we can cover. Please let us know in advance if you are interested in some of those when booking your training so our team can get prepared in advance:

  • Introduction to LIDAR,

  • Introduction to LP360,

  • LP360 Tools and Utilities,

  • Creating Products using LIDAR Data in LP360,

  • Using LP360 to Classify LIDAR Data,

  • LIDAR QA/QC using LP360 and LP360 for ArcGIS,

  • Breaklines in LP360,

  • Breaklines in LP360 for ArcGIS,

  • Feature Edit Tools in LP360,

  • Volumetric Analysis in LP360,

  • Advanced Tools - Planar Filter, Point Cloud Extractor and Building/Vegetation,

  • Rail Extractor,

  • Introduction to Powerline Classification and Vectorization in LP360,

  • Preliminary Processing of TrueView 3DIS, microdrones, and/or guest sensor (P4P RTK, L1 & P1) data in LP360

  • Ground Classification and Derivative Products from drone-acquired point clouds

  • Consultation and data review

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